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Proctorio Tips for Your Students

  • Please send all students with technical issues to Proctorio support (https://proctorio.com/support ).
  • The most common problem encountered by students is the system having trouble detecting their webcam or microphone. Proctorio live support is great at helping with these sorts of issues.
  • Students without webcams may be able to use their cell phones as a webcam (http://www.skipser.com/p/2/p/android-as-webcam.html).
  • Before using Proctorio, students should restart their computer and ensure all possible background programs are closed.
  • If possible, students should try to get other members of their household to minimize internet usage during their Proctorio exam, particularly uploading of content.  
  • Students with error messages on the identification verification section may need to adjust their lighting.
  • Students should attempt to take their exam in the quietest possible setting, preferably without others in the room.
  • Your students may have questions or concerns about their privacy related to Proctorio usage. You can tell them:

    “Proctorio has a contract with the university that has been vetted for student privacy protection and data security. Any student data collected by Proctorio is treated to similar levels of protection as university systems. Any computers permissions requested are for purposes of implementing exam proctoring protocols only. Students are encouraged to uninstall or disable the Proctorio extension when not in use. Students should cover any information on IDs used for testing other than their name and photograph.”