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Proctorio Tips for Faculty

For this semester, whenever possible we recommend faculty utilize alternative forms of assessment and lower bandwidth options for instruction. If you do need to use proctoring for your online assessments, the following are some tips to maximize success with Proctorio. Please note that we are seeing approximately 5-10% of students who do not have sufficient technology (lack of webcams or too little RAM) or internet access (too unstable or too slow of upload speed) to utilize Proctorio. Please plan on alternative arrangements for such students.

  • Please address all your technical issues to Proctorio support (https://proctorio.com/support ).
  • You are highly encouraged to give a practice exam to let students test their settings a week before the actual assessment.
  • We encourage you to be online during the time of your exam. We have seen some students accidentally close their browser or do other actions which take up their exam attempt. You can have your students email you if they accidentally exit their exam attempt to have you reset their access. (Alternatively, you can just set up the exam to allow multiple attempts, then you do not need to manually reset for students.)
  • Consider making a slightly longer window of time for students to take the exam to allow for technical difficulties. For example, for a 50 minute test, give a 90 minute window to take the exam and 50 minutes to actually complete the exam (giving students 40 minutes to get try to get access and go through support, if needed.)
  • We have found there are more students without webcams than we expected. We are not able to provide webcams for all those in need due to the national shortage. Please plan on providing alternative testing options for students without webcams (perhaps have them sign a statement about their lack of camera).
  • Proctorio is reliant upon internet upload speeds, which are usually about 1/10th of internet download speeds. Some students who have been able to access course material may have connectivity issues when they try to use Proctorio. Please encourage all students to try a practice test and go to Proctorio support if they have trouble. If they still cannot access the exam due to connectivity issues have them send a snapshot of their support session and allow them alternative testing options. You could also ask them to show a screenshot of their connectivity speed from https://www.speedtest.net/ (Note: Proctorio requires 0.2Mps for upload speed.)
  • If your exam will involve students looking at notes or books, you probably should not use Proctorio. The AI will flag looking at notes as possible cheating incidents and ask the student to pan their webcam a distracting number of times during the exam.
  • Proctorio tends to err on the side of false positive flags. Do not assume because a student was flagged that they were necessarily cheating. For example, sneezing can be flagged by the AI as potential cheating. Please review carefully and combine with your knowledge of student performance elsewhere in the class.
  • The online proctoring service should really be thought of as 98% deterrent and 2% trying to catch academic dishonesty. We want our students to do honest work and want to encourage the right testing behavior.