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Instructional Continuity

A variety of circumstances might require you to temporarily teach your class remotely (online) with minimal notice: a campus closure, increased absenteeism during a flu outbreak, a family emergency requiring your presence elsewhere, etc. This guide will provide you with some actions to take when making that shift quickly and resources to support the transition.

Spring 2020 and COVID-19

An Illinois Massmail message has been sent to faculty regarding continuity of instruction logistics and resources. 

In light of the suspension of face-to-face instruction for the campus starting on March 23rd, here are a few statements about our instructional goals and support:

  • Our goal is to keep as many courses running for as many students as possible. We hope that faculty will be as flexible as possible in trying to find ways to remotely continue your course instruction. Please consult with your unit head if you have concerns about your ability to continue your course remotely (particularly for labs, performance courses, field work and other hands-on intensive courses).
  • The Resources section of this site provides self-access guides and contact information to connect with additional staff support to transition to remote teaching.
  • In planning for potential remote teaching, try to consider using the lowest bandwidth option that will meet your teaching needs. Because of the national impact of this emergency, we expect possible strain on our instructional systems. Also, students may not have robust access to high speed internet. Please do not use synchronous tools like Zoom for classes larger than 150 students and only use such live sessions if you plan on interactive discussions (not pure lectures). Please plan on asynchronous video or text options for content delivery whenever possible. 
  • If you are going to plan to incorporate a required synchronous component to your remote teaching strategy, please make sure that you only use your regularly scheduled class times. This will help ensure students are available and will help balance the load on our systems. 
  • Your remote teaching plans should not require any additional costs or fees to the students for course materials or software.
  • Please be prepared to work with DRES if you have students requiring accommodations to access your course materials online.

Visit the campus COVID-19 site to learn current information about novel Coronavirus and its impact on campus operations.

Important Update

3/26 - Please see here for important update on Zoom security: